Top 5 Best Lovecraft Locker Alternative Games 2024

Lovecraft Locker Alternative

Lovecraft Locker Tentacle Lust is a horror game which takes place in a high-school. You have to target characters, complete tasks and follow the storyline. This game is made for 18+, and for those who really enjoy anime games. But sometimes you may wonder what are some Lovecraft Locker alternative?

There are many alternative games to Lovecraft Locker which you can give it a try and get a somewhat similar experience. However, all of them aren’t the best, which is why we created a list of top 5 Lovecraft Locker alternative games which you can play and achieve, quite similar experience. 

Why Play Alternative Games to Lovecraft Locker?

Playing a game that is an Lovecraft Locker alternative is mostly about your choice. However, there can be some reason such as, Lovecraft Locker is an adult game and cannot be played by everyone. Other reasons can be such as, giving something else a different try, being bored, and seeing what else is out there and is it worth playing? . 

List of Alternative Games to Lovecraft Locker 

Below you can see a list of 5 games that can be Lovecraft Locker alternative, and decide what would be the best choice for you. Also discover if it is worth it to play alternative games. 

SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator is a game made in Japan by Garusoft Development Inc. This is a simulator game in which you can play with 5 characters, earn money, explore the map, customize avatar, make friends and much more which you can discover upon downloading the game. 

This Game is rated for teens with over 100 million downloads, and mostly everyone can play it. This is not a horror game like Lovecraft Locker, but gives a similar vibe of being in a school, and doing tasks. A very fun and interesting thing about this game is that the concept of death does not exist.

Moreover, in this game you can defeat your enemies using many methods, since this is a simulator game. There is also no ending in this game, so you can be creative and make situations as you wish. This can be a great choice to play and a good Lovecraft Locker alternative since this is very popular, is rated for teens, and is overall an enjoyable game. 

SAKURA School Simulator

Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature can be a good choice if you want to give something similar a try. This is a psychology horror game, with many things that are not suitable for everyone. This game contains a storyline in which you can see stuff like, suicide, mental health problems and much more.

This game is quite a bit more violent and scary then Lovecraft Locker, unlike Lovecraft Locker this game story takes place in a book club. There are multiple characters such as Yuri, Natsuki, and Monika. Everything starts normal in this game in the Act 1 and you will even think this is a dating sim game but in fact it is not by how quickly things escalate. If you want to learn more about this game check our article on Lovecraft Locker vs Doki Doki.  

Doki Doki Literature Club

Memories: My Story, My Choice

Memories: My Story, My Choice, is quite a new game and has been gaining popularity. This game, like SAKUR School Simulator, is also rated for teens, so mostly everyone can play it. This game can be a bit tricky to get a hold of, since it has many stories and in different genres.

The main point is to navigate through the library of stories this game provides, you can use its features such as keys to get more stuff. The main point of this game is to go through stories that it provides and create your own scenarios. Every choice you make matters because that decides the story. This is quite a bit different game to Lovecraft Locker but still worth giving a try to and it may be a bit too complicated. 

Memories: My Story, My Choice

Club Life

Club Life is a game based on more of school life where you have to make difficult choices. Club Life was made by Dharker Studios, and the character is Sean. He is going through his final year and is planning to go to college. But things get complicated as Sean’s teachers force him to join Clubs.

Now, he must join them if he wants a recommendation letter in order to go to college. In this Club Sean will meet different personalities, may even make friends, but that isn’t his goal he has all that in consideration, and now has to make tough choices. This game can be a great alternative to Lovecraft Locker if you are looking for something quite different but still has a school based theme, and is a bit more related to school life.

Club Life

The Last Yandere

The Last Yandere is quite an underrated game, and is also called The Last Yandere: Cursed Dark. This is a sci-fi horror visual novel game. This game takes place in the mythology universe, and the story is about a man who lost his memories 3 years ago. 

The man is lonely and tries to rebuild his life and uncover the truth about his nightmares. He decided to apply for a job at a game company, but the company becomes chaotic and glitches start to appear. He meets a mysterious woman, Kara, who may be her friend, but soon after she shows her side too and he is also hearing humming while sleeping which is haunting him.

This game involves a man trying to figure out what to do and how to get rid of his demons, through the horror aspect this game can be considered an Lovecraft Locker alternative and be worth giving a shot too. 

The Last Yandere

What Game Should You Choose as a Lovecraft Locker Alternative?

Game to choose as a Lovecraft Locker alternative is about what you like. However, looking at similarities between games and what can give you an overall same and different experience from our top 5 list. SAKURA School Simulator would be the best choice, since everyone can play it, and it is also played by 100 million users, and you can expect a good time playing it.

You can also find more games as a alternative to Lovecraft Locker through platforms like Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Public forms and much more. There is also another way, you can simply go to steam, and check out similar games to Lovecraft Locker and even download it from there. You can explore many many games and decide for yourself what could be the best choice. 


Lovecraft Locker is a great game, especially if you are an anime lover. However, sometimes you can get a bit tired of every game, and want to give something else a try or just play as a side game. Which is why in this article you can find top 5 Lovecraft Locker alternative games and see if it is worth giving them a try. You can even explore more by platforms such as Steam for PC, Google Play Store and App Store for mobile devices.

Playing a game is about having fun and a worthwhile experience, which Lovecraft Locker provides but other games too which you can know about reading this article or discovering yourself.